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Superior comfort with just the right level of firmness for a restful night's sleep.

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Aloe vera

Unrivaled support blended with the health benefits of nature. The perfect union of aloe vera and memory foam technology.

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Cool Gel

Enjoy sleeping on a collection of cool and cozy mattresses with an ideal harmony of comfort and support.

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Regular Gel

Sleep as you've never experienced before! With three thick layers that give much assistance to your body.

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Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam

Cool Gel Collection

Bamboo Fabric Memory Foam

Bamboo Collection

Aloe Vera Fabric Memory Foam

Aloe Vera Collection

Flow Gel Infused Memory Foam

Flow Gel Collection


How long should I wait before I can use my new mattress?

Most mattresses will decompress within a few hours. However, sometimes they make take a few days or longer in rare occasions. In any case you can sleep on it as soon as it is unpacked! In fact, we recommend you to sleep on the mattress right away as the movement will help open up the air pockets and allow it to decompress at a quick rate.

What type of foundation should I use?

A steel base, box springs, or a platform bed are all ideal bases to go under a memory foam mattress. The harder the surface, the better the memory foam mattress will perform. However, do not use a box spring with coils as these are made for traditional innerspring mattresses. If you do have a box spring with coils or any foundation that has any type of give then you can simply put a piece of plywood on top to give the mattress the proper support it needs.

Will my new memory foam mattress smell or off-gas?

Most customers report no odor at all. However, any odor associated with Memory Foam products is perfectly natural. In the event you smell an odor rest assured as it will quickly dissipate once it has had a chance to breathe. Please note this is the same with all Memory Foam products and not just ours.

Will a memory foam mattress make me sleep hot?

Not a chance. Our memory foam mattresses are expertly crafted for optimal airflow and breath-ability, thanks to the open cells found inside the mattresses.

Great mattress Packed perfect Super fast shipping Thanks Again!

Nice, firm matress while still soft. great buy

Bought the 14" Queen Cool & Gel MF mattress, sleeping better even after 30 days

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